We also recommend the regular use of a heating oil additive. This can improve the efficiency of the heat transfer process in your oil-fired boiler and help save the components from excess wear and tear, prolonging the life of your boiler and reducing fuel consumption.  (To be used on oil-fired boilers only not Aga's/range cookers)

Additionally we also recommend a specialist fuel additive designed to improve the ‘burn quality’ of domestic kerosene when used in range-style cookers and boilers and/or where vaporising burners are being used.

Save your boiler!

The government initiative to reduce Sulphur Dioxide emissions resulting from natural gases means that the content of Sulphur in your Kerosene has been reduced and this compromises its lubrication ability.

Because of this our engineers are replacing an increasing number of burner fuel pumps. These repairs can be costly and can often be prevented by adding a Kerosene Lubricity Additive.

We recommend that lubricant additives are added to your fuel to prevent pump failure and ensure trouble free running of your boiler.



Forms a protective layer on metal surfaces and creates a barrier to reduce contact and friction. Replaces lubricity agents now absent from fuel. Prolongs pump life and reduces wear.

1 Litre bottle treats 5,000 Litres (up to 5 tanks of fuel)




Lowers char value
Reduces build up of carbon deposits and soot
Inhibits growth of deposits in fuel storage tanks. Stabilises fuel

Minimises the potential for fuel tank corrosion. Increases the fuel shelf life Reduces service problems
200ml treats 1,000 Litres of fuel


Oil Fired Boiler, Range cooker, Heating and Plumbing installation and servicing

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Upgrades standard heating oil to premium grade

Lowers carbon emissions. Stabilises fuel
Inhibits sludge formation. Reduces deposit build-up. Keeps fuel fresh for longer
Reduces service problems

Improves system efficiency

200ml treats 1,000 Litres of fuel