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Water in your fuel tank can cause corrosion, engine failure, contamination, Bio Diesel Bugs and rust in steel tanks.

You may not be aware you have water in your heating oil tank until you  have a problem with your boiler or Aga. It is beneficial to keep an eye on this and try to prevent water build up where possible to avoid costly call outs and repairs.

The main source of water in your oil tank comes from condensation which can build up on the walls of the tank when there is a temperature difference between the tank and its content and the outside temperature.

Bio Diesel bugs can occur when the water in your tank sinks to the bottom, this becomes a fundamental area for bacterial growth when in contact with new Bio Diesel.  If not removed these "bugs" create a Bio film which contaminates the inside of your tank. The waste they produce creates more water and sludge which is the main cause of machinery failure and insufficient  fuel consumption.

Water Soakers are easy to use and can be used to combat these issues, removing water and preventing the accumulation of further water build up.

​WATER SOAKER - 10cm x 30cm


How To Use:

Lower the water soaker into the tank, attach using the 3m cord (ensure it’s sitting on the bottom of the tank - the cord will go slack)
When water is fully absorbed the nylon bladder expands into the mesh containment tube
Check monthly and replace every three months
All versions are 300mm long

We supply different size water soakers to fit your tank (5.6cm x 30cm - Absorbs 489 ml) (10cm X 30cm - Absorbs 1.59 ltrs)

Each Water Soaker is made with a super-absorbent polymer with mesh filter containment.

​WATER SOAKER - 5.6cm x 30cm


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